Professional Scrum Master

Professional Scrum Master

After a few months deeply studying Scrum, I thought it was the time to evaluate my knowledge and check if I was going in the right direction. As it seemed to be the most rigorous and valuable exam, I decided to take the Professional Scrum Master certification by I got 77 questions out of 80 and I finished the exam in half of the time.

I earned this beautiful certificate and this nice badge 🙂

Oh, and some compliments from on Facebook and Twitter, so nice of them.


Tips for the exam

First, read the Scrum Guide, understand it, apply it, read it again, understand it, apply it. Go through this until you have learned the whole guide, not because you memorized, but because you have applied it so much that it became part of what you live at work.

Second, read some books about Scrum, join the forum and mainly follow them on Twitter (@Scrumdotorg). They are always sharing articles, tips, and challenges that are faced when implementing Scrum. They once shared this funny video about how to be a really bad scrum master. Check it out 😀 Funny, but also tragic, because that really happens in some teams.

Third, you need to know how the exam looks like. But wait, it is not boring 🙂 That’s the great part about the PSM exam. You are always studying for Scrum, not for the exam. The questions are all about applying the content from the Scrum Guide and they make you think and apply your own experience. Even when you are practicing for the exam in the quizzes listed below, you learn something valuable from each question.

I recommend you to try these quizzes, even if you do not want to take the exam. As I said, it is worth, and you will increment your knowledge.

  • Scrum Open
    • This is the official practice for the exam, do it until you get 100% grade.
  • Scrum Quiz (Free android app)
    • This is the second best quiz, after the scrum open.
  • Scrum Tester (“Free” android app)
    • It is a great quiz, but if you want to know the questions you got wrong, you need to buy the pro version. I did not buy it, but it might be worth.

Mind Maps

During my studies, I synthesized all I was learning from the Scrum Guide, books, and experience, in mind maps. I am sharing them with you and I hope it can enhance your studies. I also put them on my github, where you will always find the most recent version. Feel free and welcomed to contribute 🙂



Final thoughts

On your journey studies, it is always good to check if you are on the right way. The PSM exam reassures that for you and also validates and recognizes your knowledge. It is worth the investment and I really recommend it to you. By the way, Microsoft® uses the PSM I assessment to validate knowledge as part of its Silver and Gold Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) competencies.

The more I learn about Scrum and the more I apply the Scrum Guide concepts, better results I get. Scrum works beautifully, and it is an everyday pleasure to see it flowing in my workplace.

Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFC)

Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFC)

Hello everyone,

Today, I got the Scrum Fundamentals Certification (SFC) by SCRUMstudy. It is a good exam that tests your basic knowledge of the SCRUM framework. There is also a course that you can take before applying for the exam and a free book. I noticed that some points are a little different from what the Official Scrum Guide teaches, but in general, it is still the same framework. I really recommend taking this exam.

You can check my credential here or over the SCRUMstudy website